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Interview Sharing Session with Hann Yang

He’s one of the guy that I have known for the longest time.

From science to business. From business to SAP specialist. 

From SAP specialist to marketplace executive.

Coming from a well-trained business background, he’s also exploring the financial field with rigorous due diligence.

Join us and hear from the man himself, to learn more on what he explored, and how he’s doing so far !!


Interview Questions & Flows:

– Background Introduction

– Working as a SAP specialist?

– Understanding more about what an ERP is?

– Transition out of SAP and jump into the eCommerce sector?

– Exposure to investment?

– Business education background help in picking up investing?

– Sharing a bit more on what sparks you to first explore Malaysia, and how different is it from the US or HK market?

– Fundamentals or Technicals? Value or Growth?

– What are the valuations you look at when choosing a company?

– Tiger Platform, the pros & cons, and experience. What is your goal this year for your investment portfolio?

– Watchlist, portfolio, top conviction companies, winners and losers?

– Tradingview: brief market update


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